What is a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper is a person who processes and records the financial transactions of a company on a day-to-day basis. 


What does a bookkeeper actually do?

Bookkeepers are data entry wizards with daily duties that are often centered on the proper entry and processing of financial information. They use bookkeeping software, spreadsheets, and databases to process information. The bookkeeper job duties vary, but are usually focused on getting data into the system correctly and on time. 

Why do you need a bookkeeper?

If you have a top-notch bookkeeper, you'll reap the following benefits: 

  • Better budgeting decisions, knowing exactly where your money is going

  • Peace of mind knowing your books are in order and tax season won't be a scramble

  • Audit-proof business with detailed documentation

  • More hours in your day to focus on your business

  • Understand the seasonal flow of your business

  • Understand the key metrics in your business: revenue, costs, profitability, etc. 

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How it works - First Steps: 

  1. Contact via website, email, or phone.

  2. We send you a questionnaire to fill out on your business.  

  3. Set-up a free consultation/discovery call to talk about your businesses needs. 

  4. We review your books to see the full picture - a diagnostic review.

  5. You receive a customized quote unique to your business.

  6. Review and sign the engagement letter.

  7. Start the onboarding process!

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

For the Modern Business Owner

Do you struggle with bookkeeping?

FirstStep Bookkeeping specializes in providing customized virtual bookkeeping services to self-employed individuals and small businesses. We understand every client is different and personalize our service to meet the needs of your business while maintaining a strict level of integrity and ethics. Let's take control of your fiscal situation through accurate financial record-keeping, relevant reporting, and honest advising. 

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